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3 min readAug 25, 2021


In this article, we’ll go over one of our products — Swap (spoiler alert: better than uniswap 😜), we will compare it to other DEXs, and provide some information about it’s current state and future updates.

DEX Comparison

Swap Fee comparison

Symmetry has one of the lowest swap fees in crypto, a 0.22% which is lower than Raydium (0.25%), Orca (0.30%), and leading DEXs like SushiSwap and Uniswap (Both 0.30%).

Why use Symmetry Swap?

Enjoy a nice, 0.22% swap fee, lowest in the game.

1. Lowest Fees

Symmetry Swap has one of the lowest swap fees — 0.22%. Where can you find fees as low as this?

Instant Access on $350M+ Liquidity. Analytics Data from Symmetry Watch

2. Serum Liquidity

Symmetry Swap is powered by Serum, giving users direct access to $350M+ liquidity and minimizing slippage & spread.

3. Blazing Fast

It takes less than a minute for a user to visit our swap, connect wallet, select tokens, execute the swap & finalize transaction.

Recent News & Updates

Symmetry Swap is now the default swap for Serum DEX.

In a recent tweet, we announced that Symmetry Swap has been selected as the default swap for official Serum DEX. Users trading on Serum will now be able to easily access and trade on Symmetry Swap.

Symmetry Swap is now the official swap for Solanium Launchpad

We announced our partnership with Solanium, to offer their users best swapping experience for projects launched on their platform. Solanium users can now swap launched projects directly on Symmetry Swap.

User Feedback

People❤ using Symmetry, and we ❤ them

Next Steps for Symmetry Swap

We’re constantly focused on improving our user experience. Symmetry’s community has suggested valuable functional improvements to our swap. (Join the conversation on our discord & telegram to find out more & take part in building the most seamless DeFi products on Solana).

Some of the improvements and future updates are below:

  • Custom Markets
  • Custom Slippage Field
  • Closing OpenOrders account feature
  • Checking Unsettled balanced & settling feature

At Symmetry, we’re dedicated to making web3 accessible for everyone, providing a web2 quality user experience to our users, while taking full advantage of decentralized nature of blockchain.

Check us out on Twitter, Discord & Telegram.

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