Month in Review — August

Symmetry Protocol
2 min readAug 30, 2021


At Symmetry, we’ve had a very busy month with some exciting updates & announcements! Below we will go over what has happened in August and what’s on the horizon.

Symmetry Swap surpasses $3M daily volume in less than a month 🎉

It took Uniswap a year to surpass $1.5m daily volume. Source

Symmetry Swap was released at the end of July. On August 12th, we’ve reached our first milestone — $100K daily volume. Since then, over the course of next 2.5 weeks, our daily volume grew to $3M+, a 3000%+ increase in less than 3 weeks. We’ve also partnered up with Solanium and Serum. Symmetry Swap is now the official swap for Solanium Launchpad, and the default swap for official Serum DEX. Check out our recent article comparing Symmetry Swap with other DEXs.

Symmetry Portfolio Manager surpasses 3K daily active users 🎉

Symmetry Portfolio Manager is all you need to manage your crypto portfolio

Our Portfolio Manager has been in closed beta for a month now, and we’ve surpassed 3K daily active users. This is a great achievement as Solana Ecosystem is still new and is growing rapidly. Our goal for Portfolio Management is to become the go-to platform for managing your assets with breeze. If you’re a new user, use code PORTFOLIO here. Please note that Portfolio Manager is still in Beta, so we continue to polish the app and support more protocols on Solana as they get released.

Index Protocol Testnet

We will be announcing details on Index Protocol Testnet & Mainnet in a week, so stay tuned!

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