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3 min readNov 17, 2023


We’re excited to announce the launch of Private Funds on the Symmetry platform. Private Funds are designed to empower fund managers with unparalleled control and privacy over their portfolio strategies. In this article, we’ll discuss what Private Funds are, their unique applications, and how they can revolutionize your asset management experience.

What are Private Funds?

Private Funds on Symmetry combine visibility with exclusivity. While the activities and composition of these funds are transparent and can be viewed by all users on the platform, the interaction with these funds — such as minting fund tokens or redeeming underlying assets — is exclusively reserved for the fund manager. This feature offers a perfect blend of transparency and control, ensuring that portfolio strategies are both visible for scrutiny and analysis but controlled solely by the creator.

Applications of Private Funds

Treasury Management

DeFi Projects, DAOs and NFT communities can leverage Private Funds for effective treasury management. These funds allow for transparent yet controlled management of assets, whether the goal is diversification, hedging, or earning yield on treasury reserves.

2. Managing Personalized Portfolios

Private Funds are ideal for fund managers seeking to manage their portfolios without external interference. Whether it’s a meticulously crafted portfolio reflecting specific themes or a diversified mix of assets tailored to personal risk tolerance, Private Funds provide a platform for individualized strategy execution.

3. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Strategies

One of the upcoming features for Symmetry is seamless DCA, where users only have to deposit their preferred asset, which automatically gets rebalanced to their desired portfolio over time at NO COST & 0 FEES for the user. This is made possible by one of the revolutionary features of Symmetry Engine — Liquidity Injection, which we will cover in more detail once DCA launches.

4. Experimental and Customised Strategies

For those looking to experiment with innovative or niche custom strategies using Symmetry Engine SDK, Private Funds offer a sandbox environment. Without the concern of external influences, fund managers can test and refine unique investment approaches, be it sector-specific, or thematic portfolios.

5. Educational and Demonstrative Purposes

Educators and influencers can utilize Private Funds to demonstrate strategies in real-time. By allowing visibility into the fund’s activity, these funds can serve as practical, live examples for teaching portfolio allocation principles or showcasing market analysis.

How to Create and Manage a Private Fund

In the second step of creating a fund, set Permissions to ‘Private

Creating a Private Fund is a straightforward process. When creating a fund on Symmetry, after selecting basic settings in the first step, such as composition, head to the second step, and set Permissions to Private.

Fund manager can switch between the fund being Private to Public at any time, however, if the fund manager sets the fund type to ‘Fixed’, they will no longer be able to make the fund private, since Fixed Funds mean they can’t be altered / modified.


The introduction of Private Funds on Symmetry marks a significant step forward in offering personalized, controlled, and transparent asset management solutions. Whether for personal wealth management, experimental strategies, educational purposes, or treasury management.

As Symmetry continues to evolve and expand its offerings, we encourage our community to explore the potential of Private Funds and share their experiences and feedback.

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