At Symmetry, we’ve had a very busy month with some exciting updates & announcements! Below we will go over what has happened in August and what’s on the horizon.

Symmetry Swap surpasses $3M daily volume in less than a month 🎉

In this article, we’ll go over one of our products — Swap (spoiler alert: better than uniswap 😜), we will compare it to other DEXs, and provide some information about it’s current state and future updates.

DEX Comparison

Symmetry makes it easy to create and invest in custom crypto indices.


Traditionally, index products have been one of the biggest traded instruments in the world. However the creation and management of an index has always been limited due to its capital intensive nature as well as the complexity of moving large amounts of money to maintain risk and reward ratios. Public…

Symmetry Protocol

Decentralized Crypto Index Protocol -

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